about hitch coffee roasters.

Hitch Coffee Roasters is a small-batch coffee roasting company headquartered in a cargo trailer in the Twin Cities. That's right. We're mobile.


We started in our journey after developing a passion for good coffee and sharing its experiences with others. Coffee brings people together. Coffee crosses borders, cultures and helps us share a common bond. We carefully source our coffee from different regions of the world, with a focus on quality and ethics.


Look for us at farmer's markets around Minnesota, meeting hard-working, fun-loving folks like you, and roasting a new batch of coffee every 15 minutes.


Roaster, owner

After a career in journalism sputtered out, Ricky Campbell decided it was time to try something new.


So Ricky turned to his love of coffee and his love of people. Wanting others to better understand and better enjoy a beverage shared and celebrated throughout the globe, Ricky and his team launched Hitch Coffee Roasters.


Ricky used to work in a coffee shop where he learned the art of microroasting and the difference of fresh roasted. He lives in St. Paul with his family.

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